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3 Days in Glacier National Park. Goal was to make this trip as cheap and fun as possible!

Land in Kalispell airport - closest airport to GNP east side.

* if you land late and they run out of cars, they upgrade you to premium free!

---- 9 min drive to grocery store ----

Buy groceries at Super 1 Food market

----- 2.45 hrs to Many Glacier Campground -------

Many Glacier Campground

momma bear and a cub sighting!
  • $25 non refundable / night
  • Fire pit is not allowed during high fire season
  • Grinnell Glacier and Iceberg Trails are located on or right next to the campground, driving is not necessary.
  • Plenty of parking for the hikes
  • Clean drinking water found all over the campground
  • Bathrooms are EXTREMELY clean compared to all the NP I've been to
  • Showers are located at the Swift Current motor inn right in the campground - $3.50 for 8 min and 30 sec.
  • Swift Current motor inn (restaurant, inn and convenient store

------ 45 min drive from campground to the Visitor center --------

  • Best photo op spot with the GNP sign!
  • There are bathrooms located in the visitor center


Going-To-The-Sun Mountain

  • The road was closed due to the wildfires at Logans Pass
  • The drive starts from the visitor center


Virginia Falls

  • 3 mile hike
  • along the Going -To -Sun - Mountain road.
  • Bathrooms are a 2 minute drive pass the trailhead
  • plenty of parking along side the road before and after the start of the trailhead
  • VERY kid friendly

----- 45 minute drive back to Many Glacier Campground ------

Grinnell Glacier Trail

  • 10 - 14 mi rt
  • average 6 hours to hike at 1600 elevation
  • hike is marked as strenuous
  • There is 1 bathroom at the beginning of the trail and 1 last batrhoom .5 miles before the endpoint at the glacier
  • Bring binoculars! Plenty of wild life sighting
  • EVERYONE had bear mase and bear bells on them to warn off the bears.
  • Highly recommend to start hiking when the sun is out, have been warned that bears are highly active at the break of dawn

----- 2.45 hour drive back to Kalispell Airport -----

Last gas station is 9 minutes from the airport


Hikes recommended by the locals

  • Hidden lakes trail
  • Flathead lake
  • Iceberg lake

What to eat

  • Montana is known for their HUCKLEBERRY ( mix between a Blueberry and Blackberry)
  • Two Sisters Cafe - YUM - had the bison burger and Huckleberry Pie! (Someone try their Huckleberry cheesecake, it looked really good), CLOSED during winter season.
  • Tim - Garlic Parmesan chips from the Super 1 Food Store! Might change your life if you're into kettle chips
  • Every bread we bought was weirdly delicious. Even the loaf we bought from the supermarket! Try it out!