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First stop in Asia... Bali Baby. This place took my breathe away. Here, you'll find yourself surrounded by the sweetest souls, a beautiful culture / regligion and untouched and sacred lands. The temples, food, beaches, waterfall, sunsets, everything. If youre looking for "paradise" beach style, this place is it.

13,443 idr = $1


waterfall sekumpul

*image found on google search

---24 min drive to Sanur night market ------

Empul titar

This place was magical.


Sayan Terrace Resort

Check this airbnb out! Private infinity pool for really cheap!

Jalan Raya Sayan Sayan Terrace Resort, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

  • Check this airbnb out! Private infinity pool for really cheap!
  • Google maps says road is closed but keep going
  • Exit for 860 is very easy to miss
  • Walk 2km to cave

---- 17 min from Airbnb to Sacred Monkey Forest -----

sacred monkey forest

  • Must pay to enter
  • There are rules before entering, please follow them.


----34 min to Kanto Lampo waterfall -----

Kanto Lampo waterfall

*image found on @fabiooliveira instagram

----- 1 hour from SAYAN TERRACE to  waterfall*** ----


  • This place!!! It was so sacred, very few few people know about this place and even our driver that drove us for the day didn't know this place existed. Ask them to go with you! They might enjoy it too!

----- 17 min from Airbnb to swing -----

zen hideaway

@jessica_simonsen instagram

  • Photo op


ferry to Lembongan Island

  • snorkel
  • man grove
  • kelingking beach *viewpoint
  • angels billio    
  • rent mopeds or bicycles


sambangan secret garden

@pandeetawan instagram

aling aling waterfall


Mount Butar


  • Middle of the night hike to watch the sunrise.
  • Highly recommend doing the tour, I think the cost to drive there will be about the same.
  • One company to book with: toya devasya kintamani